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Karting SA State Titles Predictions: Who Will Take Home the Trophies?

Updated: Mar 22

The excitement is building as the Karting SA State Titles approach this weekend at the Southern Go Kart Club. With a whopping 46% of participants coming from interstate, it's set to be a thrilling showdown on the championship layout. Let's delve into our predictions for each class and who's likely to take home the titles.

Cadet Nine (7 Entries): Keep an eye on Harlen Bell, Jet Herring, and Jarvis Hindel, with Harlen Bell being our top pick. His impressive performance in the Australian Kart Championships and guidance from Johnny Grother make him a strong contender.

Cadet Twelve (17 Entries): This class boasts a stacked field with standout drivers like Jackson Brasher, Archie Bristow, and Scarlett Pidham. However, we're leaning towards Riley Harrison, who's well-acquainted with Bolivar's track.

KA3 Junior Heavy (12 Entries): Max Walton seems unstoppable in this category, having won multiple state championships this year. He's the favorite to clinch the title with ease.

KA3 Junior Light (24 Entries): With such a large and competitive field, it's a tough call, but Noah Enright has the home advantage and impressive speed. Watch out for a fierce battle with Max Walton and Kai Burke.

KA3 Senior Light (17 Entries): Leo Ionella's home track advantage could play a significant role in his victory. Although Cody is a wild card, we're placing our bets on Leo.

Tag 125 Light (24 Entries): Angus Wallace, Jacob Douson, Ryan Morgan, and Jacob Chandler will make this class a spectacle. Our prediction goes to Jacob Douson for his track prowess.

Tag Masters (13 Entries): Chris Prestige, Simon Major, Bret Fortaigne, Shane Howard, and John Ellis form a formidable lineup. We're leaning towards Chris Prestige due to his extensive race experience.

Tag Restricted Light (14 Entries): Ben Press and Shane Morland are the ones to watch. We're predicting Ben Press to continue his impressive form and secure the blue plate.

Tag Restricted Medium (9 Entries): Jackson Callow has been on fire when not distracted by other commitments. He's our top pick to win in the medium-weight category.

As the race day approaches, the weather looks promising, making it an ideal weekend for karting enthusiasts and spectators alike. If only Bolivar could secure a round in the Karting Australia National Championship calendar, the event could attract over 250 participants. For now, let's enjoy the intense battles and hope for an even bigger event in the future. Don't miss this exciting race meeting at Southern Go Kart Club in Bolivar—it's bound to be a memorable weekend of karting action.

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